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resistance: FADER throws GQ some shade

So GQ celebrates Roger Federer on its cover AND on twitter:


And then FADER, well, gave ’em shade.



resistance: Emma Watson, a braless photo, and the woman’s male gaze

So Emma Watson posed bra-less for Vogue and got this backlash, and more, and more:


This was the photo:


This was Emma’s response:

“It just always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is about what feminism is. Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it.”

She is of course correct. At the heart of feminism is the woman’s right to choose, and ultimately this was a choice she made and this does not diminish in any way where she stands on the fight for women’s rights. In fact, to insist that going bra-less stands against feminist ideology makes absolutely no sense — unless of course we’re talking about the fact of the male gaze dictating how going bra-less means nothing but the sexualization of a woman?

Emma also says:

“I’m confused. Most people are confused. No, I’m just always just quietly stunned.”

Yeah, we all are.


celebrate! Andi Eigenmann fights online hate

Andi Eigenmann, as with many-a-celebrity-mother posted a photo of her beautiful daughter Ellie, which elicited a slew of hate for god-knows-what-reason, reminding us that Pinoy social media is a horrible, horrible place most of the time.

Andi shot back, and I must say that bit about “irrelevant people” who need to “find better things to do with their lives” is pretty epic. By Philippine standards, that is. We take what we can get, few and far between as it is.


celebrate! Ina Raymundo ain’t baited by superficiality

Moments we missed to document because we were away.

First the hilariously superficial, and put in their proper place. Ina Raymundo had posted a photo of herself trying on swimsuits.


And because we are in a country where even armpits are such an important body part to whiten



Which Ina did not only take with good humor, she also pointed out that well, she doesn’t give a f*ck about it.


truth / resistance: the beauty deception (part 2)

the rappler-pantene partnership: beauty deception part 2

I am re-listening to the talks and re-reading through much of what’s been written for #WhipIt. What offends me most about it really is the carelessness, the lack of vision, in having these discussions at all. There is a survey upon which all of this is based, yes. But the survey in itself and the discussions had were so limited by the fact of a shampoo brand being part of it at all.

It was a waste. Because there were plenty of opportunities to go deeper into issues, especially with someone like G. Toengi, who had dared talk about the superficiality of the showbiz industry, or given audience members who raised the question of class differences at that first #WhipIt talk.

But having deeper discussions is not the point here. It cannot be the point. This is advertising for Pantene through and through, the discussion on gender equality and woman empowerment is secondary. Pantene is the sponsor. The sponsor is king. Woman empowerment comes after brand buzz and product sales if at all. Rappler proves yet again how it does not know to care for being a credible media institution.

And its greatest undoing: the recent advertisement for #WhipIt has Kris Aquino, front and center. In her Met-tathione and Olay age-defied and whitened skin, her Belo-fied body, her fully made-up face and glittering outfit. The Presidential sister talks about being opinyonada, and equates this with “her right to speak her mind” and woman power. is the byline for a sponsored piece on this advertisement, where they talk about how Kris “is called opinionated as if having opinions and speaking them is disgraceful for a woman <…>.” They miss the point entirely. Aquino uses her opinions to sell every beauty product that is about being white and thin, with shiny hair and expensive clothes. She raises people’s needs, by selling every home product imaginable. She is the queen of endorsements, and as such can only be the queen of superficiality.

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