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celebrate! Bianca Gonzales responds to body shaming

So it begins with a photo of Bianca’s baby girl Lucia, posted on instagram. Now if social media is a magnified version of ourselves, the comments sections are like a display of our collective (in)ability at discourse.

It also reveals what is deemed important by minds already molded by notions that white is better, no thanks to the beauty industry.

That’s what you call a take down.

Sometimes it’s what we deserve.


celebrate! Danica Magpantay!

Danica Magpantay

“Filipina tayo, may mga mestizang Filipina, may maiitim na Filipina. Learn to appreciate who you are, and kung ano man ‘yong mga flaws. Tanggapin mo ang sarili mo na buong buo, para maging masaya ka,” she said.

text via, photo via danica’s FB page.

celebrate! Bubbles Paraiso!


“I am a morena and I’ve always been one and I’m not going to change that.”

quote via, photo via Bubbles’ FB page.

celebrate! Bianca Gonzales!


“I am anti-whitening for myself, but if I have friends who want to have fairer skin, I will support them. What I am for is supporting Pinays who choose to love their brown skin…and not feel pressured to spend on whitening products.”



celebrate! Bench!

though maybe a little more morena on the girls, yes? they are “whitened” to some extent, when they shouldn’t be.

still, look at the diversity in skin here. it’s rare in this country, and as such we push Bench to take it further.


kathrynforbench kathrynforbench2

might you tell your photoshop guys to stop touching your models’ skin color in the process of cleaning up its blemishes? please, Bench?

fakery: uneven skin equals whitening?

Jennylyn Mercado was always morena, and i loved that she was, and thought that it was great that she won as Starstruck’s first sole survivor even when she was up against mestiza Yasmin Kurdi.

morena jennylyn

Alas, she had problematized her uneven skin tone, and ended up with wanting whiter skin:

<…> for the naturally slim Mercado, her main concern was her dark, uneven complexion. This became more pronounced, she said, when shooting outdoors.

“I was really born dark,” she said. “Because of my work, I get exposed to the sun a lot, especially when we do outdoor shoots. One part of my skin used to end up dark, while the covered area was light. It was so difficult to achieve an even skin tone.”

After a series of Glutathione-IV injections, supplemented with oral doses of Belo Essentials’ glutathione capsules with collagen and vitamin C, Mercado was able to achieve a lighter, more even and glowing skin tone. She also visits BMG regularly to get a thorough body scrub.

“Of course, she has to maintain it,” said Belo. “Otherwise, her dark skin tone would come back. The procedure is safe. And contrary to rumors, glutathione doesn’t cause liver cancer. In fact, it helps the liver, which always takes a beating from the things we eat and drink, get rid of  free radicals.”

No thanks to Vicky Belo, every skin problem is solved by skin whitening. And she can NEVER stop having these injections lest her dark skin tone comes back and oh no! We wouldn’t want that, yes? Dra. Belo?


What are we teaching our children about skin color, really?

celebrate! Kathryn Bernardo

one of the few surviving morenas on TV! keep her morena, please, Star Magic?



kathryn bernardo



while we’re at it, keep Daniel Padilla moreno na rin.

resistance: Sarah Meier-Albano calls out the whitening industry


via Sarah Meier-Albano’s site, circa Jan 2011.

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