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celebrate! Andi Eigenmann fights online hate

Andi Eigenmann, as with many-a-celebrity-mother posted a photo of her beautiful daughter Ellie, which elicited a slew of hate for god-knows-what-reason, reminding us that Pinoy social media is a horrible, horrible place most of the time.

Andi shot back, and I must say that bit about “irrelevant people” who need to “find better things to do with their lives” is pretty epic. By Philippine standards, that is. We take what we can get, few and far between as it is.



celebrate! Bianca Gonzales responds to body shaming

So it begins with a photo of Bianca’s baby girl Lucia, posted on instagram. Now if social media is a magnified version of ourselves, the comments sections are like a display of our collective (in)ability at discourse.

It also reveals what is deemed important by minds already molded by notions that white is better, no thanks to the beauty industry.

That’s what you call a take down.

Sometimes it’s what we deserve.

celebrate! Ina Raymundo ain’t baited by superficiality

Moments we missed to document because we were away.

First the hilariously superficial, and put in their proper place. Ina Raymundo had posted a photo of herself trying on swimsuits.


And because we are in a country where even armpits are such an important body part to whiten



Which Ina did not only take with good humor, she also pointed out that well, she doesn’t give a f*ck about it.


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