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resistance: Siera Bearchell on pageants and loving one’s self


sierabearchell: Before MISS UNIVERSE, I had countless people telling me to lose weight and to work on my “fitness.” I almost felt like an outsider while I listened to people telling me to eat lean protein, only green vegetables and no fruit besides green apples. I was told to work on my legs because they were “too big”, narrow my waist, and get liposuction to make the entire process “easier.” I didn’t find any of this shocking because I heard similar things for years and it was ingrained in my mind to be accepted. BUT for the first time, I was able to hear and see how utterly ridiculous it all was. What was wrong with my body? Why should I change it when I like the way it is? Why am I trying to fit this image of what others have told me is beautiful? Why can’t my body be celebrated just the way it is? I am strong, healthy, fit and I like who I am. Why should I change who I am for the acceptance of what others believe to be beautiful? I was finally able to love myself for who I was and I was not going to go down the dark path of self deprivation and depreciation that I had been down so many times before. •Beauty, happiness and acceptance begins within and that is often the most difficult place to find it. Once we love ourselves for who we are, we can totally transform what it means to be happy. #confidentlybeautiful #missuniverse#beautybeyondsize #everybodyisbeatiful



celebrate! Annie Ramirez wins gold in jiu jitsu at the Asian Beach Games

Click here for complete story.

Top left photo via, two other file photos from John Baylon BJJ site.

celebrate! Kerry Washington wears her real hair

Imagine what all our celebrities would look like if they resisted the flat iron and the rebonding and relaxing and … just stopped cheating the public and showed us their real hair?



resistance: real women in H&M video

More info here, and here.

celebrate! Janelle Mae Frayna! The PH’s First Woman Grandmaster!

Photo by David Llada via

More of this story here.

wisdom: because talking about class and nation is to talk about womanhood, too.


celebrate! the PH women’s chess team’s slugging it out at the 2016 Olympiad

Women International Masters Janelle Mae Frayna, Jan Jodilyn Fronda, Catherine Perena Secopito, WNM Cristy Lamiel Bernales, Women FIDE Master Shanai Mae Mendoza are slugging it out at the 2016 Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Mendoza, a newbie at the Chess Olympiad beat World Candidate Master Maili-Jade Ouellet on her first game. The team is now up at #16.


celebrate! Alicia Keys on the red carpet … and still no make-up!

And rocking it, too! One dreams of a local celebrity who would do this!


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