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fakery: Gretchen Barretto


the truth is it has come to a point when we should wonder:
who sees this as beautiful and natural? who imagines this
as wonderful?


fakery: Phoemela Baranda and Grace Lee

These two women assert that the reason they got procedures at Vicky Belo’s is because TV made them both insecure about how they looked. For Phoemela it was her small breasts; for Grace her big arms.

They pass by a Belo clinic and tadah! They’ve got their confidence back! And they’ve just told every Pinay who watches TV that big(ger) boobs and small(er) arms are more important than, oh I don’t know, talent?

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fakery: uneven skin equals whitening?

Jennylyn Mercado was always morena, and i loved that she was, and thought that it was great that she won as Starstruck’s first sole survivor even when she was up against mestiza Yasmin Kurdi.

morena jennylyn

Alas, she had problematized her uneven skin tone, and ended up with wanting whiter skin:

<…> for the naturally slim Mercado, her main concern was her dark, uneven complexion. This became more pronounced, she said, when shooting outdoors.

“I was really born dark,” she said. “Because of my work, I get exposed to the sun a lot, especially when we do outdoor shoots. One part of my skin used to end up dark, while the covered area was light. It was so difficult to achieve an even skin tone.”

After a series of Glutathione-IV injections, supplemented with oral doses of Belo Essentials’ glutathione capsules with collagen and vitamin C, Mercado was able to achieve a lighter, more even and glowing skin tone. She also visits BMG regularly to get a thorough body scrub.

“Of course, she has to maintain it,” said Belo. “Otherwise, her dark skin tone would come back. The procedure is safe. And contrary to rumors, glutathione doesn’t cause liver cancer. In fact, it helps the liver, which always takes a beating from the things we eat and drink, get rid of  free radicals.”

No thanks to Vicky Belo, every skin problem is solved by skin whitening. And she can NEVER stop having these injections lest her dark skin tone comes back and oh no! We wouldn’t want that, yes? Dra. Belo?


What are we teaching our children about skin color, really?

fakery: thank you, Vicky Belo

so we asked for it?

according to Vicky Belo, she who has every other big star selling whitening and liposuction, cheek reductions and whatever else can be done to the Pinay’s body, she didn’t used to sell whitening or whitening procedures in her clinic at all:

When she was starting her practice, Belo couldn’t understand the typical Filipina’s obsession with becoming “whiter.” She would always tell clients to be proud of their brown complexion, but they would still insist that Belo include a skin-whitening program in her menu of services.

“They told me that I have no idea what they’re feeling because I’m not dark,” she said. “I had no choice but to respond. It’s still is one of the leading concerns we get from clients.”

When daughter Cristalle Henares and her team were developing over-the-counter glutathione capsule, Belo insisted that they give her more than a skin-whitening capsule. She wanted something that could also minimize wrinkles and other obvious signs of skin aging.

“I told them, don’t just give me glutathione capsules,” Belo said. “Give me collagen with it. It’s not enough to look white, you also need to have a softer, smoother and more even skin tone.”

so we asked for it, and she just gave us a service? we asked that she sell us whitening as the end all and be all, we asked that she standardize the skin tones of the Pinays we see on TV?

and while she was at it, she thought, well, why not tell people that they need not age, too?

wow, thank you Vicky Belo. thank you.

beauty-faked: Jinkee Pacquiao

“Jinkee’s face shape changed from square to oval with Ulthera, a non-invasive procedure from the US which is considered a less painful alternative to Thermage. ‘Dati kasi more on square yung shape (ng mukha ni Jinkee). The ideal shape of the face is oval so everybody should try to go for that,’ Belo said. ‘Square kasi is masculine. Kahit ako square noon ang face ko kaya expert na ako diyan.”


Read the rest of it here.

beauty-faked: Kris Aquino

the presidential sister Kris Aquino who said in 2003 after the first time she went underthe knife that she had half a liter of fat removed from her belly, and had her breasts augmented from 36A to 36B “yung cup lang ang nag-change” she says with what can only be pride. Kris currently sells Olay, the whitening product, which gives her “naturally fair” skin, because you know, she isn’t white TO BEGIN WITH. go presidential sister. go on with thelying whydoncha.

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