Be yourself, we are told. But for the Pinay in these times of digitally enhance images and an all-powerful beauty industry this can only be difficult. These images after all carry with it not just the celebration of the superficial and the fake, but also and more importantly notions of what is normal and successful and powerful. And if that’s what success looks like, if that’s what happiness is about, then how can we even begin celebrating our selves?

The Be Cause is a space for engaging with these times. It’s a (small, if not tiny) step in the direction of reclaiming the concepts of beauty and normalcy for the Pinay, in a nation that has fallen into the pits of fakery. The Be Cause is about liberating the Pinay from the clutches of industries that live off superficiality, where the every Pinay might speak about herself and reclaim the words for defining our happiness and success and failures.

The Be Cause is about celebrating the Pinay who revels in the skin she was born in, dares to go against the grain of what’s deemed as beautiful, and demands that her voice be heard above the din of a beauty | magazine | advertising | celebrity industry that defines her. The Be Cause is about the Pinay’s freedom in these superficial times. Hear her roar.

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