the beauty deception (part 1)

At the heart of this absurd state of affairs, this bombardment of the fake perfected images of the Pinay celebrity, is the fact of a lie. Because all these celebrities who sell whitening? They are fair skinned to begin with, from Heart Evangelista to Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu to Bea Alonzo, and everybody else mentioned thus far. By putting their faces beside these whitening products, they end up selling a lie to Pinays, telling them to buy a product that these celebrities do not need because they’ve been fair-skinned since birth —or at least since we started watching them on TV.

This is really Belo country. It’s the worst country to be in.

Yet I have faith in these celebrities still, and in their ability to say no. Because they can decide to be more responsible about the images they sell to a public that looks up to them, that aspires to be them. They can decide not to sell whitening products, not to sell cosmetic surgeries or beauty treatments, in order to speak of perfection.

I could not but be heartbroken at the sight of Iza Calzado’s Belo billboard, where I had always thought her more intelligent than her lot of celebrities, and her struggles with weight one that any other girl would learn from because it does not fall back on beauty treatments—until that billboard. This is why I love KC Concepcion’s strong body versus reed thin and unhealthy; why there is hope in celebrities like the Magalona sisters, Bianca Gonzales and Bubbles Paraiso, Alessandra da Rossi, who do not sell whitening; the latter three have taken a stand against it. This is why I imagine that Heart will have it in her to stop from selling Ponds Whitening, because it is horrible of a Senator’s wife-to-be to be selling such superficiality. That is also why I remain hopeful that the Presidential sister will use her intelligence and stop selling whitening and superficiality.