so we asked for it?

according to Vicky Belo, she who has every other big star selling whitening and liposuction, cheek reductions and whatever else can be done to the Pinay’s body, she didn’t used to sell whitening or whitening procedures in her clinic at all:

When she was starting her practice, Belo couldn’t understand the typical Filipina’s obsession with becoming “whiter.” She would always tell clients to be proud of their brown complexion, but they would still insist that Belo include a skin-whitening program in her menu of services.

“They told me that I have no idea what they’re feeling because I’m not dark,” she said. “I had no choice but to respond. It’s still is one of the leading concerns we get from clients.”

When daughter Cristalle Henares and her team were developing over-the-counter glutathione capsule, Belo insisted that they give her more than a skin-whitening capsule. She wanted something that could also minimize wrinkles and other obvious signs of skin aging.

“I told them, don’t just give me glutathione capsules,” Belo said. “Give me collagen with it. It’s not enough to look white, you also need to have a softer, smoother and more even skin tone.”

so we asked for it, and she just gave us a service? we asked that she sell us whitening as the end all and be all, we asked that she standardize the skin tones of the Pinays we see on TV?

and while she was at it, she thought, well, why not tell people that they need not age, too?

wow, thank you Vicky Belo. thank you.