i always thought it a very sad thing, that as we focus more on how Pinays look, and as there is a demand that we all be a certain kind of skinny, that in fact it is the naturally skinny, that we end up oppressing right back as we call for the “normal” body size. we forget that the “normal” cuts across all sizes, and that includes the naturally skinny. 

talking about the Victoria’s Secret VS Dove in the love-your-body-campaign, Brenna McCaffrey asserts that in fact we should be critical instead of these women’s bodies and what is attached to them, i.e., what are these selling?

We all need to buy soap or lotion or those special halter-back bras from Victoria’s Secret; companies make a business selling us things. So buy the things you need–but don’t let them convince you that you “need” something to make you sexier, prettier, more confident, or more desirable. Be critical of advertising and don’t fall for the celebration of “body-positive advertising” that is just another front for manipulative marketing. Criticize the sexism, the airbrushing, and the message that you are not good enough. And don’t tell the Victoria’s Secret model to eat a sandwich. 

via http://thefeministanthropologist.com/2012/08/01/victorias-secret-vs-dove/

for the every Pinay, the first step might also be to live everyday without judging women by their size, or by how they look. because we know too that those judgments are borne of what advertising images tell us to be ideal, and as McCaffrey says, none of that is true because this is all just a way to sell us something.

and yes, we can continue to buy the products we need — or want for that matter. as long as we don’t believe that it will give us the skin of Anne Curtis (which was always white to begin with BTW), or the riches of Gretchen Barreto (which has nothing to do with the shampoo she uses). as long as we are aware that these are but products, and they are secondary to us.